About Dr. Tracey

Dr. Kevin Tracey, a renowned specialist in nuclear medicine, recently set up an Independent Health Facility (IHF) for PET/CT scanning in the Windsor region. He has named this facility Precision Diagnostic Imaging (PDI).

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has allowed the introduction and establishment of IHFs in order to increase access to certain specialty services that are difficult to obtain in some regions, like access to PET/CT scanning, now considered to be the gold standard of diagnostic imaging.

In this endeavor, Dr. Tracey has partnered with Alliance Imaging, the largest provider of advanced outpatient diagnostic imaging services in the United States. This distinguished company provides technology such as mobile PET/CT, MRI and CT scanners to regions who have difficulty accessing advanced specialty services within their home communities.

Prior to setting up this IHF patients in Windsor-Essex had to travel to other large urban centres or to the United States to access PET services. This took both an emotional toll as well as posed a financial burden on patients who had to travel away from home for this service.

Thanks to Dr. Tracey’s effort and the significant personal investment he has made in this technology, PET/CT services are now available in our region. In the late fall, PDI’s mobile PET/CT scanner made its debut in Windsor and began operations at the Windsor Professional Centre at 2462 Howard Avenue. During this start-up phase of PDI’s operation, PET/CT is available 2 – 3 days each week on a rotating basis. One week the mobile unit is in Windsor on Mon, Wed and Fri and the next week it is in Windsor on Tue and Thu. When the Alliance mobile unit is not in Windsor it is deployed in Mississauga and services patients in that region.